Dénes Kemény: The genius of Szolnok's coach decided the final

Hungarian Water Polo Association President Dénes Kemény thinks Szolnok coach Sándor Cseh's "abnormal" timeout request was the key moment in his team's victorious Champions' League final tie. Together with Viktor Nagy, he was a guest on M4Sport's Sport7 show.

As we've already reported, Szolnoki Dózsa Közgép's men's team defeated title-holders Jug Dubrovnik 10-5 in the Duna Aréna last week to win the LEN Champions League.

"Szolnok started badly and trailed Dubrovnik 3-1", said the MVLSZ supremo on M4Sport's Sport7 television show this week. "Then a moment happened which only a truly great coach can create; Sanyi Cseh requested a timeout at an abnormal point in proceedings. He didn't ask for it in a classic timeout situation but rather it was little bit of a shock because nothing had happened when he requested it. I lip-read one or two of the nice words which came out of his mouth and it was the point of his speech at which the match turned.

It should be recognised that from the moment of the next goal until the end of the match - nearly three quearters - Szolnok conceded only twice. From that moment onwards Szolnok defended much better and if you defend better, you'll be more successful and will score more goals. From the moment of the timeout, Szolnok won 9-2

According to the three-time Olympic champion, Sándor Cseh made a good decision not to share out man-marking duties to his players. "The most important players need to be neutralised by anyone who is opposite that opponent at time. If you designate that duty to a particular person you can risk messing it up if there is a change-over [of personnel]. Everyone knows it's important that the player who is nearest the opponent is the one who closes him down".

Kemény also thinks it reflects well on the Szolnok coach that the team didn't find itself in any crisis at the business end of the season, neither in the league championship final nor in the Final Six.