Champions League Final Six: This is more than a team

Szolnok's Champions' League-winning head coach Sándor Cseh say Szolnok have shown team unity all season but they've needed individual excellence too.

Photo: Dávid Madar

Poolside you seemed very caught up in the moment. Has it now sunk in that you've won the Champions' League?

"Well, of course I was caught up in it - it's a huge thing", started Szonok's coach Cseh. "When for example you work for five or six years with people such as our team captain Zivko Gocic whose dream it was to win the Champions' League and you win it together with them, that affects a person and this is not just true for Gocic but for a number of players too. We didn't need to show everyone here that we work as a team because we've shown this all season - we entered four competitions and we've won all four while remaining unbeaten in the Champions' League. The team was united for the whole season but I always emphasise that no team has ever won the Champions' League without needing outstanding individual performances along the way. These were there too".

Nor did you leave anyone in any doubt about who would win this match.

"I didn't feel until the end that we were controlling the match. Actually in the first quarter and a half it was Dubrovnik's desire which was decisive. Then we were able to come back from 3-1 down to lead 6-4 and then every player believed that we could win, which gave us 'wings'".

And now do you believe you've really become a Champions' League-winning coach?

"Yes. Of course, I went to the swimming complex with the hope of winning the Champions' League but this is a kind of feeling which I don't know, so we'll see how the feeling is a day or two after the match".

Men's Champions' League, Final Six

Jug Dubrovnik (CRO) 5–10 Szolnoki Dózsa-Közgép (2–1, 2–5, 1–2, 0–2)
Duna Aréna, officials: Alexandrescu (ROM), Margeta (SLV)

DUBROVNIK: Bijac – Fatovic, Jokovic 1, Garcia, Vrlic, Perrone, Obradovic. Replacements: Macan 1, Loncar 1, Markovic 2, Pavlicevic, Benic. Head coach: Vjekoslav Kobescak

SZOLNOK: Nagy V. – Gocics 1, Vámos 2, Jansik D., Mezei, Prlainovics 3, Varga Dénes. Replacements: Crousillat, Alekszics 3, Younger, Kis G. 1, Fülöp. Head coach: Cseh Sándor