Champions League Final Six countdown

There are only two days to go before this season’s LEN Champions League Final Six begins in the Duna Aréna in Budapest. If you don’t want to miss out on what promises to be a special occasion you can purchase tickets – even for as little as 500 forints – at

Another year, another challenge, only this time everyone will be taking a break from the usual surroundings of Margitsziget and making the Duna Aréna, newly built for the World Championships, their home for the duration of the Champions League Final Six. The organisers are hard at work to ensure that the close to thirteen thousand ticket holders who will be watching the six best club sides in European water polo go head to head for the premier club trophy in the flesh, will be entertained to the full.

“The atmosphere is guaranteed; whoever wishes to be part of this special occasion can still be so. Tickets are still available, some for as little as 500 forints. Even if you aren’t close up to the action there will be no need to miss any of it as there will also be fifteen large screens, enabling spectators to better enjoy the event” said MVLSZ Secretary General Balázs Nemcsik, one of the main organisers of the Champions League Final Six.

“It is the aim of the federation that the event be open to everyone, hence why the tickets are priced accordingly. Profit isn’t our primary aim; it’s much more important that families and the less well-off can also attend. The Champions League Final Six is a major event and it is our responsibility to keep ticket prices as low as possible”.

Spectators are requested to set off for the event in plenty of time and travel by public transport if possible, or otherwise try to park on adjoining streets. “There are still plenty of tasks to complete but I’m sure we will be organising a wonderful and unforgettable water polo event. When we received the hosting rights for two years in a row it was our express intention of using the customary venue on Margitsziget for the first year and then the new arena for the second. Considering that a water polo match has never been played in front of such a large crowd in Hungary, it really does promise to be a very special three days” added Nemcsik.

LEN Champions League Final Six, Duna Aréna, Budapest

Thursday 25 May – quarter-finals:
Olympiakos–Jug Dubrovnik, 19:00
ZF-Eger–AN Brescia, 20:30

Friday 26 May – semi-finals
5th place play-off, 17:30
Olympiakos/Jug Dubrovnik-Pro Recco, 19:00
ZF-Eger/AN Brescia-Szolnoki Dózsa-Közgép, 20:30

Saturday 27 May
3rd place play-off, 15:15
Final, 16:45